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AgriVaR offers innovative and real-time data-driven analytics that empower the agricultural industry to manage and monitor risk.  With AgriVaR, you can make informed decisions and limit risk to maximize profits. 

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One-stop data dashboard

The AgriVaR Producer Platform integrates diverse data streams into a user-friendly and interactive visual dashboard.



Real-time Data

Get access to real-time data on CME Futures and Options, Cash Prices, and Precision Ag Data. Stay informed with the latest market trends and make informed decisions for your agricultural business.

Satellite Imagery

Leverage satellite imagery and weather data to monitor the health of crops, identify potential problems, and optimize your farming practices. Take advantage of advanced remote sensing technology to gain valuable insights and improve your agricultural operations.


Risk Management

Effectively manage your risks with our comprehensive hedge and insurance solutions. Protect your crops and investments from unexpected events and market fluctuations. Gain peace of mind knowing that your agricultural business is protected.

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Real-time Net Income, Revenue and Value-at-Risk


AgriVaR offers seeding and fertilizer prescriptions that are automatically generated based on your data.



In-Season Yield Predictions


AgriVaR Insights provides information on the best performing seed varieties, the impact of soil on yield, and the ability to conduct custom studies in seconds.


Hedges are evaluated using mark-to-market and risk/expected revenue valuations.


Receive real-time custom text and email alerts for field weather, market opportunities, field yield, and changes to risk.


The latest technology in document and photo reading allows for real-time tracking of expenses, net income, and risk to profit and loss with limited data entry. 




AgriVaR has provided real-time insight into risk management, cropping plans, and marketing plans for our operation. With this software, decisions can be made quicker and with more accuracy than ever before.  I love that the product is intuitive and visually appealing, allowing for easy navigation and a seamless flow of content.   For those scaling up their operation, AgriVaR is a must-have for effective risk management.  Whether you're an entry-level producer or an experienced one, the AgriVaR Platform will help you raise your acumen and take your operation to the next level.


Jeff Lakner
South Dakota Farmer

What I have found most useful in using the AgriVaR Producer Platform is that it’s a one-stop for me. I like it! I like the idea that I can (even) look into my risk management. In addition, the monitoring of plant-health, in-season, and prescription is valuable. I get my data at my disposal.

Danny Peterson
South Dakota Farmer


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